Solutions for Your Industry


Media is our main expertise. Our solutions are integrated starting from the content workflow, asset management, and distribution channels.

Cyber Security

In our team, we have a special team in the field of cybersecurity. With a backup of a well-known company in America, we can assess your data security needs, tracking, and recovery systems on your data system.


We can set up distance learning needs and study from a home program through technology systems. We also have a sales network for educational content from early childhood through to tertiary education.

Broadcast IT

The solution to making a television station now lies in many IT devices. We have an end to end system for all broadcasting institution needs. Starting from the playout, newsroom, MCR, CER to the multiplexing system for broadcasting.


Smart City is a modern urban service system trend. We have an IT service system for one-stop, online licensing needs. We also have the control room is connected to the CCTV system and the disaster system. All can be controlled via a mobile application device. So that the government can make speed up in handling emergencies and disasters.