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How Fragile Indonesia's Cybersecurity

In 2020 we were surprised by breaking into customer data the number one e-commerce site in Indonesia. Then immediately the Indonesian Covid-19 patient data was also revoked. Several other important sites have been removed but not published because it concerns the security of the cybersecurity system in Indonesia.

If we are talking about data security and safety, this is not only the biggest problem in Indonesia, but even in the United States. "Everything is Hackable," is a phrase in the world of cybersecurity. SSL / TSL protocol which is commonly used in online/mobile banking, commerce, and e-commerce is very easy to be penetrated by data duplication (impersonation), MiTM, and SSL stripping attacks. RSA, ECDH, and much standard encryption and cryptographic systems based on public-asymmetric keys, are easily compromised by quantum computing.

According to the Cybersecurity Ventures Institute (2019), more than 1 trillion USD in the 2017-2021 period was spent on maintaining the service system so that it was not revoked by hackers. Report of the White House Economic Advisory Council, government organizations in the United States lost up to 65 billion USD in 2018 due to attacks by hackers.

Gartner reported that under USD 124 billion in 2019 was spent by various companies in America to strengthen their cybersecurity system. According to Digital Guardian, the average cost of data breaches in the US is $ 8.9 billion and at the global level can reach 3.92 billion USD. And this is even more astonishing, the Resource Identity Theft Center report & the Mandiri Key Report report that 4 billion personal data has been stolen. In essence, the government and the business world have spent a lot of money on their cybersecurity system, but the system they bought is not functioning and does not have to be a simple system.

"Poorly implemented cybersecurity is worse than having no protection at all. Relying on inadequate solutions results in a false sense of security and makes you more vulnerable," said Kara Coppa, co-founder of BlakFX, one of the biggest America's cybersecurity companies.

BlakFX recently appointed operations in Asia through Java Asia Technology Inc. Benny Simanjuntak's company is registered in California, United States. Now you can contact us for all your cybersecurity needs, from assessments to surveillance to your end-to-end cybersecurity guarantees.

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