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Not Electric, This is an Important Part of the future Car

Switching to electricity is a necessity for today's vehicles. Tesla, which was not born from the automotive industry at all, BMW, Aston Martin, Ford, and Jeep are all ready to switch to electricity. Aston Martin has partnered with Lunaz for electrification but has retained its classic design.

Now we have seen on the streets of Indonesia several Hyundai line ups in Indonesia. Even Hyundai has moved its office in Southeast Asia from Malaysia to Indonesia. Hyundai is serious about developing the electric vehicle (EV) battery industry, considering that Indonesia is the world's largest nickel producer, something the EV industry desperately needs.

The making of the EV roadmap is not focused on how many SPKLU (public electric vehicle charging stations), how many tax incentives for EV vehicle buyers, how the EV battery industry. This supports the EV industry and keeps us as consumers of the world's EV players entering the Indonesian market. The same as the automotive industry today, become a market and not a player.

Meanwhile, developed countries have gone further with the creation of autonomous, connected, and shared cars. ACES (Autonomous, Connected, Electric, and Share) is an essential part of developing future vehicles.

Tesla, Google, Intel, BMW, VW carry the ACES concept. The vehicles of the future must be autonomous, meaning they will no longer have drivers. Instead, road infrastructure, navigation data, and artificial intelligence will support vehicle autonomy, much like today's aircraft, requiring only the pilot to take off and land, all on autopilot.

The second is connect. Connect with our database. Connect with all future EV platform systems. Vehicles of the future will communicate with each other with road infrastructure and communication between EV platforms. For example, alphabet, Waymo, and BMW are serious about creating an EV interconnect system that will make it easier for vehicles to avoid traffic jams and provide a comfortable alternative.

The third is electricity, where the battery industry will play a significant role, how big is the supply chain, including how many kilometers of public charging stations are available.

The last is sharing, thinking that autonomous vehicles will make room for more sharing. The future of the car is no longer about private ownership but joint ownership. Various Ride-Hailing and Ride Sharing, and Share Ownership platforms have now been set up. In today's industry, there are Lyft, Blabla Car, Car and Go. You don't have to buy a car, but they will provide the vehicle for you.

ACES will change the landscape of the automotive industry, particularly in business models. The car business model of the future will implement two critical things: the individuality of the on-demand car and the on-demand public transport or commuter for public transport such as buses and trucks. Tesla, Alphabet, Waymo will play in this new business model. But what about private ownership? There will be but at a high price, unlimited access to EV features and perks.

The business model will also change in the automotive support industry. They will turn into an ecosystem. They will play on the backbone supporting infrastructures, such as industrial rechargeable batteries, battery charging stations, and navigation systems.

This has changed a lot and is an essential part of the partnership strategy because the EV ecosystem will be very dependent on government regulations. The energy crisis that hit the world today is also making all countries move. The average EV road map by 2030 has been realized. The current world energy crisis can even encourage the EV ecosystem to arrive more quickly.

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isnan rahmanto
isnan rahmanto
Oct 27, 2021

Siapa ya yang akan berinisiatif untuk memulai pertama di the most difficult country to govern ini

Oct 27, 2021
Replying to

Problemnya pak de, kita hanya berfikir soal elektrifikasi. Bukan hal hal yang saya sebutkan akan jadi mobil masa depan seperti autonomus dan sharing.

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